The Challenge: First Week Update

Like I’ve told you, I will keep you updated with my challenge and a week has just passed since I announced it. Unfortunately, it’s been a very busy week for me, because I had to travel to Bucharest, where I had no electricity, because I forgot to pay it, so I stayed in the dark for almost 2 days. After that, I had to deal with some issues concerning my company and I’ve had very little time for this blog.

I’ve only posted 4 posts this week and made a little networking, which increased my traffic to an average of 200 visits / day, up from 10 when I began. My subscribers also went up from 30 to 60, which is pretty good, though I wanted more. Hopefully the next week I will be able to keep up with my schedule, which should also bring me a minimum increase of 100% of my visits and subscribers. Until the end of this month I want to reach an average of at least 500 visits per day and 200 subscribers, which shouldn’t be very hard.

My designer is also working hard on my new design and it should be live at the beginning of next week, maybe on Monday or Tuesday.

This weekend I will try to write a few posts both for my blog and 1 or 2 guest posts. Also I am going to start a really interesting weekly series of posts, which should definitely help you improve your blog in many ways.

Current Stats

  • 200 visits / day
  • 60 subscribers

Goal for the next week

  • 400 visits / day
  • 120 subscribers


  1. hello alex.. :-) first time visit your blog from johnchow…:-) nice design and content..:-)

  2. Hey Alex,

    That’s not a bad statistics for the week specially that you were not regularly posting to your blog.

    You are very welcome to do a guest post in my blog if you wish to do so.


  3. Visitors for next week is possible, but 120 subscribers will be hard! good luck though

    • We will see. I don’t think it’s really that hard though. On another blog of mine I managed to get 17,000 email subscribers in 6 weeks, so this is a very easy goal to reach.

  4. The funny thing I found was that when I started doing less posts on one of the blogs I own, it actually became a lot more popular.

  5. On dojoblog I have started posting DAILY in the last 7 weeks. My traffic is now double. It’s easier once you have a schedule and plan ahead. I have posts prepared for some days, when I have inspiration, I write 5-10 posts and then schedule etc. The good thing is that I am less ‘scared’ and stressed and also my readers know they’ll see something posted every day they enter.

    Once you’ll get used to the schedule, you’ll just love it.
    Best of luck with the challenge. Can’t wait to see the new design. I’ve also updated my blog’s look 2 days ago, so I understand the “joy” ;)

    • I have been reading your blog for a few years now from time to time and I really like it. Yeah, I can’t wait to see the new design up so I can configure it the way I want. Currently my designer is working on implementing it on WordPress.

      I am also curious, how did you find my blog? :)

  6. Hi Alex,

    What is the challenge? I will have to go hunt for it. I’m interested!

  7. Hey Alex, just found my way here.

    I’ll be watching your site evolve as I’m adding you to my feed reader.

    Be sure to keep on top of those bills so you have no more down time. :)

    All the best for your future success,


    • Hi Karl,

      I’m really glad you’ve subscribed and I will try to do something about my bills. The problem is I keep moving from place to place and I’m always thinking about work, so I forget about the bills. Also internet payment is not very evolved in Romania, so I have to get out and pay them :)

  8. Hi Alex, I’m glad that you’re no longer in the dark :) You’re making good progress, best wishes.

  9. I love series posts like this Alex. If you couldn’t tell, I am going back through your archives and I’m glad to have found the original of the Challenge.

    These types of things always motivate people, including myself. Maybe I should create a challenge for myself on my blog!

    Great post!

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