Win a Free Ad On My Blog

Now that I have pretty decent traffic I decided to start a contest and offer a free ad to the number one commentator on this blog. So I will reset the counter today and who will have the most comments between October 1st and October 10 will have his ad featured at the end of every post, near the related posts.

I really love it when you are commenting to my articles and I decided to offer you something in exchange for getting in touch with me.


  1. FREE FREE FREE! So what’s the deal Alex? :D

  2. I hope I win.Good job Alex.You are doing great with your blogging keep it up.

  3. Hi Alex,

    I’m in ;) Great idea here.


  4. Yep I’m in!

    I’m a fan of ingenuity :)


  5. That’s a great idea to make your readers interact… free stuff is free stuff :)

  6. commenting is my Hobby, so i ‘ll be winner. :)

  7. Cool contest. Can we also get another url in there (another project of yours?) instead of just the blog url?

  8. Hi Alex, this is very creative idea to get more comments on your blog, good stuff I am in


  9. Appreciate all the SEO advice ! Can you go into more detail about Google AdSense and all the affiliate programs out there ? Maybe mention some stories of successes with these ? Best !

  10. I want to learn about SEO. can you guide me about ‘from where to start’. I just wanted to be a real time blogger. Thanks in advance!!

  11. wow another competition. seems like there’re lots of blog competitions going on at this time. Hmm, am I too far behind in terms of comments? haha

  12. Oh man, I wish I could have a traffic as good as yours…

  13. A contest, eh? I’m pretty good at these things ;)

  14. Wow! This will be a great contest!

  15. What will be the deal Alex?

    • Please stop spamming and use your own name. Otherwise I’ll have to mark your comments as spam.

      • Hehehe! I think you should disqualify him when he strikes with the next spam comment and not using a real name. He says “What will be the deal, Alex?” without reading the whole thing. Allowing spam comments would lose your reputation man, and it’s not good at all. As for me, 97% of the comments there are spam and I always delete them for sure.

        • I offer them a second chance sometimes and I really hope he’ll figure it out that it’s better off without spamming :)

          • This is actually the reason I am apprehensive on some of these contests. I could literally reply to every single comment on your blog but that is spammy. Instead, I like to read archived posts (which you have a ton of great ones by the way) and offer insight after actually reading the entire post.

            Keep it up Alex, I like what I see so far!

          • What if he still ignores it and using the same name and spamming once again? Will you disqualify him immediately? I know there are some readers out there who want to chase me and Profit Addiction. It’s all about winning the God damn race! Hahaha!

  16. This is going to be great Alex! Getting a free ad on your blog will bring a great amount of traffic to my own blog. But the problem is I have no banner for my own blog. Hahaha! May the best man win guys! I’m going to start my engines and let the race begin! Woohoo! :)

  17. Haha, good luck buddy!

    • Thanks man! I need your very good support to let me win this contest. This is it, the final day on who will win. Is it me or Profit Addiction! A real competition like no other, and good luck for both me and my closest competitor.

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