Sunday Must Read – Weekly Roundup 39, 2010

Here you have the posts I enjoyed the most this week

1. How to Blog with Power

Marjorie Clayman wrote an excellent post on how to become a better blogger.

2. How To Get Your Guest Post Pitch Noticed

An excellent post by Stanford on guest posts.

3. How Halo Helped Me Build A Six Figure Online Income

Chris Guthrie wrote a great success story on how he made money online just by playing Halo.


  1. Hey Alex, I read the story about Chris Guthrie how he makes a lot of money playing Halo, he follow his passion and now he makes money, that how you do it,


    • That’s true, Marios :)

      • Halo was actually one of my favorite games since I was a teenager. I was truly inspired of his story and I realized that anything is possible, even for just playing a game. Passion really does give results and gold coins will fall like rain slowly but surely. I’m totally pumped up, Alex. :)

        • I wonder if anybody makes a lot of money playing Counter-Strike? That would be cool, I’m going to do some research!

          • I believe they do. Everything that people like brings money, actually :)

          • I am once a Counter Strike and Halo addict. For sure I would miss playing Halo coz’ I don’t have Xbox 360. I’m now addicted playing DOTA and Crossfire and sometimes I even buy premium memberships and virtual items through prepaid cards. While I’m playing, I also have to figure out to monetize this for myself. :)

          • I think so too Alex. Actually some of the best players have their own computer equipment/brands. Crazy!

  2. Thanks for the reading resources. I have tons of blogs in my RSS and always look for additional ones (helpful) to add.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing the list, I have yet to read any of these posts and look forward to checking them. Chris’ post in particular intrigues me.

    Have a good week :)


    • You should read them, Ryan. They are great posts

      • I’ve already read the three topics you have included in this post, but my favorite was Chris Guthrie who have made a good example for me that a gamer can actually make money online. There are only few guys out there who knows that making money through playing games like Halo will make a difference, and thank God you have included Chris in your Sunday Must Read edition.

        Cheers for Chris! Hahaha! :)

        • Some of the larger games have tournaments all the time and the professionals make 6figures+/year due to sponsorships and equipment. Pretty crazy to get that good at a video game!

          • Yeah and I’m sure they like it, so they kinda make money with having fun.

          • Well, anything is possible. Professional gamers are destined for greatness and more rewards are coming through sponsorships. But I like Chris’ idea about making money playing Halo. When I’m successful, I think I need to buy XBox 360 or PS3 as well. :)

          • PS3 can be great and bad at the same time! Great for breaks, but can be VERY bad for productivity if you let it, haha

  4. Yup. Chris’ story is very inspiring. You earn a lot while doing the thing you enjoy most.

  5. I’m looking forward to check out those stories, Alex. I’m still at the learning stage and I need to learn more about building backlinks and earning a decent amount of money from affiliate programs, etc. This will light up my other torch. Thanks! :)

  6. This are some good posts, I’m glad you find time to share with your readers what you think is worth reading.

  7. Hey i know this may sound weird alex but since you are like seld employed and spend a lot of time on the computer, is your index finger like bent and curved inwards? And what mice do you use?

    • All my fingers are weird and I only use a $5 mouse I change monthly. I feel the best with it and I believe it’s the cheapest A4 Tech.

      • What? I don’t believe about your fingers, Alex. Can you tell us about it that needs you to change mouse every month? By the way, my mouse is also worth $5 and never changed it for more than a year.

  8. Thanks for including Pushing Social on your list. I’ll try to keep the “hits” coming!


  9. Thanks for linking to me, I just saw the link show up in my WordPress admin panel today though so I’m not sure why I didn’t see it earlier.

    In either case thanks again :D

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