Sunday Must Read – Weekly Roundup 41, 2010

Let’s see the post I enjoyed the most this week.

1. How To Stop Your Blog Sinking Just Like The Titanic

Daniel Lew wrote a post about how to keep your blog from going down.

2. Advanced Link Building Strategies for Affiliate Sites Presentation

Patrick Altoft, one of the best SEOs made an excellent presentation on link building for affiliate sites. You definitely need to read this !

3. Top 3 Reasons to Guest Blog

A great post by Benin about guest posts.

4. How to Blog Part 2: The 7,809 Word Series You’ll Need to Bookmark (Twice)

A post you really must read on Blog Tyrant.


  1. Nice list Alex! In my first weekly wrap up on my blog, I also mentioned the same post that Daniel Lew published. We both knew that Daniel’s post was pretty interesting, and so as the others. I’m going to check their blog posts too. So many people to follow now.

    Thanks for the list!:)

  2. Great list Alex, Top 3 reasons to guest blog, best way to get a lot of traffic

    Thank you


  3. I like how short and sweet this is, Alex! Not including my URL here as it seems to land me in spam all the time. :) Just wanted to say this is a great list and straight to the point. I like it!

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog.


  4. Great list Alex. I see you are featured on commentluv site. I just won some credits in Ileane’s competition. May use them to do the same. Great to see you there.
    Patricia Perth Australia

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