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An online business is not about traffic numbers, but conversions and revenues, so don’t focus on getting as much traffic as you can, instead rely on quality. There are an infinite traffic sources and some of them are very cheap, while others are very expensive. You must think there must be a reason the prices differ so much and CPM for websites in the same niche can be very different.

Traffic quality is very important and you only need to focus on the traffic that converts, even if by conversion you mean an ad click, a lead or a sale. For example the traffic from most social networks is very poor and it converts badly, so why struggle with it if you aren’t earnings anything from ?

To make sure you don’t spend your time getting poor quality traffic, you need to track everything and only rely on what works. So even if you are promoting your website on social networks, do blog comments, forum posts, buy PPC advertising or banner advertising, make sure to track everything and stop wasting your time with things that don’t work for you. It doesn’t matter a method brings you a lot of traffic, track your conversions and make more landing pages so you can see which source gets you the best conversion rate.

I see a lot of people complaining that they have traffic, but make no money from it and don’t know why. And this is because all they do is look at the traffic numbers and expect to sell.

Along with tracking the quality of traffic, you need to do a lot of split tests and see what works best for you.

I’m very curious how do you track your traffic and if you spend your time getting useless traffic. Let me know.

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  1. What I actually do for my blog is completely disregard using SEO tactics because what I’ve learned from doing so on my other blog is that you’ll get a lot of organic traffic but it’s not very targeted in the long run for building a community.

    I think one of those little elements that people leave out when doing traffic generation is infusing their brand – leaving it out just makes it seem like people land on information pages when a branded page makes them stick around – making it more likely that they convert :)

    • I’ve done my blog without any SEO tactics with it. All I want is to write and post articles that are useful to blog readers. I found a lot of blogs caught up with search engine optimization tricks, buying a money making keywords, I just wondering why they do this, is it all because they just want to make a real money online? For me its not, all I want is to satisfy the needs of the blogs readers. Without any SEO tricks, afterall if the readers like your page, they will just keep coming back to find out more interesting information on your post. This is how organic traffic generates without having any optimization process.

  2. Hi Alex,

    I have a love/hate relationship with tracking stats.

    I understand the importance of tracking yet at times have a problem with becoming too attached to stats.

    That’s why I make it a habit not to check my numbers too frequently. It seems to work best for me and when I am light about my work, I have fun and seem to make the most money too.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wish I had the problem of too much traffic and not enough conversions. It seems like getting alot of traffic is the first step, even if you have low traffic but high conversion. Promoting engagement in various ways helps to convert potential traffic into quality. It seems like the steps to creating a successful site or blog is 1) generating traffic & 2) converting that traffic to quality visits.

    I was shocked you mentioned that traffic from social networks converts poorly, but I guess its the nature of your network and your online business. The Pareto Principle in full effect for any traffic source.

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