Sunday Must Read – Weekly Roundup 3, 2011

1. Business isn’t fun!

Neil Patel has a very good point about running a business.

2. Duplicate Content: Block, Redirect or Canonical

Seomoz‘s take on duplicate content

3. How I Built a Successful Blog in 8 Months

Oni lets us know how he become a successful blogger in just 8 months.

4. Link Building Mastery: Master The Art of Link Building

Mark Collier wrote a great post on link building.

5. How to Turn $3,000 into $128,000 (Introducing M6 Method)

Corbett Barr wrote about how he turned a $3,000 investment in books into $128,000. This is a must read.


  1. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing the Round Up, heading over to check out the posts in a few.


  2. Good collection Alex, checking some out now :)

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