5 Things I Learned in 2010

Last year has been the best one for me and I’ve learned a lot of things I want to share with you. I think I’ve become more mature professionally and I’m very happy about it.

So here’s what I’ve learnt last year:

1. Stick to what brings value

Until now I was working on what I liked the most and I didn’t have a plan. Also I started testing and analyzing everything and stopped losing time with things that didn’t bring much value. This has helped me a lot and I became much more productive. I will continue doing this forever I believe because it’s extremely important and I stopped losing time without any use.

2. Risks can prove to be very satisfying

Most people are afraid to risk losing their money and the first risk they don’t wanna take is buying a domain and a quality hosting. And this is the biggest mistake they can do because you can’t do anything without quality. You need to measure the risk very well and take it if there are pretty high chances of success. Without taking risks, it’s hard to achieve something. I have been risking all my life, but I think last year I’ve learnt to do it much better.

3. Focus on less things

You need to focus on what’s worth and stop investing in what’s bringing the poorest results. Don’t start dozens of websites or businesses because you’ll lose your focus and chances to succeed are going down seriously. Take then one by one and make sure you’re doing it right.

4. Don’t work by yourself

Last year I launched my first company and started getting partners and celeb news employees. Until now I’ve reached more than 20 employees of which 8 of them full time and I’m planning on getting even bigger. Things started to grow much faster than before because now I can focus on other things, while having employees do most of my past jobs.

5. Research a lot

Until now I’ve been doing things randomly without any prior research and productivity was awful. Now I started doing a lot of research and had some of my employees do the same, which helped a lot, because now I know what I need to focus on and what works best. This year I want to do some training with all my employees and help them become more productive and do researches. Why I believe they will be interested is because they get bonuses triggered by their productivity.


  1. Learning #3 is a big one for me. While I launched over 80 websites in 2010, I’m focusing on just 2 in 2011. I’m hoping my focus will drive exponential returns on my top money-making sites.

    • In the past I have been building websites like crazy and of course I couldn’t manage none of them. And this was a big mistake. It’s much better to have just a few good ones.

  2. These conclusions are tips for me and I benefited a lot
    Thank you for your transfer of expertise

  3. Hi Alex,

    5 important lessons here.

    Focus has been a life lesson I’ve learned recently too. Instead of trying to concentrate on too many ventures zero in a on a few. Devote all of your energy to these endeavors.

    Concentration gives you power. Spreading out your concentration on too many ventures lessens your power.

    As for your Risk lesson, we should view risks in a different light. It’s not about taking chances but giving yourself a chance to succeed. I try to move away from using fear as a motivator. I rarely think about what could go wrong because I know what will go right.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Alex.


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