What to do With a Killer Post: 7 Ways to Go Viral

Unfortunately writing a killer post doesn’t guarantee it will go viral, so you need to work after that, especially if you don’t have a large readership and many followers on your social media profiles. Though it can be done with at least a few hundred people who follow you and read your blog.

You should first read my post 6 Sure-Fire Tricks That Will Make Your Posts Go Viral, where you can learn how to write the post. Afterwards read this post and learn how to promote it.

After you made sure to write a great post that people will love to share, you need to follow these rules:

1. Make sure it gets to at least 100 people

If your post will get to at least 100 people’s eyeballs, then chances are that at least a few of them will share it with their friends and it might get viral. Of course the chances of getting a lot of traffic increase with the amount of people who read it, so make sure to get it distributed to as many as you can.

2. The people it gets to need to be passionate about the niche

The above rule is valid only if your followers are passionate about the niche. Otherwise, they will just close the page and won’t share it with anyone. So that’s why is very important to get targeted traffic, followers and fans. Relevancy is more important than the quantity, always keep this in mind.

3. Share it on all your social profiles

Make sure to let all your friends, followers and fans know about your post. Also you can share the link a few times so you make sure everyone sees it. For better results, share it at different hours so you will cover all the time zones. Most links on Twitter are only seen in the first hour, so you need to make sure to share it at some hours most of your followers are online.

4. Email everyone

Like I told you already, you need to make profit of all the channels you have, so let anybody know about your killer post. Send an email to your mailing list, friends and other people you know who might be interested in your niche. Please note that I don’t advise you to make spam, just send the email to people who might be interested and you know are passionate about the niche. Also you shouldn’t send them emails very often, just do it when you have something really interesting.

5. Ask the people to vote it, share it or do anything you may need

When sending the emails and sharing it with your friends, you can ask them to share it further for you or vote it on the social media websites you’ve submitted it to, like Digg, Reddit, or StumbleUpon. Not everyone will do it, but there are some who like to help and will do it especially if they like it. Make sure not to disturb them very much about this. Only ask them once and understand if they don’t do it.

6. Ask people to comment on your social media submissions

Usually submissions with a few comments have more chances of getting voted that the others. This way people see that others are also interested about your post and might want to check it out. They might vote it and even comment too. Along with this, some social media websites count the comments too and it might influence the way your post reaches the front page. This is known especially on Digg and StumbleUpon, but it might work on others too. Also make sure the comments don’t look like they’ve been written just for this. The comments need to express something and be longer than just a few words. If you do have spammy comments, it might actually hurt your submission.

7. Always ask for your readers’ opinion

I’ve told you a few times before, you always have to make your readers and followers engage with you, so ask for their opinion about your post. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad feedback, it stirs even more engagement. Also social media is about engagement. On Twitter it’s great if people mention you, because you will be featured in their timeline, so all their followers will see a link to your username. On Facebook the post with the most engagement appear in the “Top News” section which is exactly on the frontpage, so here’s where it helps a lot.


Now please let me know what do you think about my post and if you have more ideas for getting a post viral.

  1. Cool tips, thanks a lot Alex!

  2. Definitely this post consider as a killer post. Thanks for sharing this Alex!

  3. Great post. I will be really useful for me and my new blog – TechListen.com

  4. Hi Alex,

    I have read your “6 Sure-Fire Tricks That Will Make Your Posts Go Viral” it is interesting and pleased to read this post too!! These tips may definitely build good amount of traffic as you said.

    Thank You

  5. Very helpful! It’s true that just writing a killer post does not mean it will automatically gain traction. It also takes a little marketing.

  6. Having a catchy title always helps too. People are less likely to read something if it doesn’t draw them in.

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