The Harsh Truth Behind Google’s Support Team and Their Ignorance

A week ago, on March 22nd more exactly I’ve had my Adsense account disabled without any notice. I didn’t receive any email from them and of course I tried to contact them without any luck. In the past week I spent a lot of time discussing with friends, with people on forums and with everyone I thought that could help me and I understood that it’s very hard to have a decent talk with an Adsense employee. There are people who have been waiting for a reply for more than 3 months after their account has been disabled.

I find this frustrating and I believe Google really doesn’t care any more about its users and you can easily understand this if you spend a few minutes to look at the forum threads at the Google Support Forums ( I will provide you with some links later in this post ). I knew it takes too long to get an answer from Google, but I thought they answer fast at least when your company can be at risk because it’s main income can come from Google Adsense.

I have been an Adsense publisher for more than 5 years and had tens of millions of impressions along with a quite impressive revenue. During this time I haven’t broken the Adsense Terms once and I always contacted them when I wanted to do something that wasn’t specified very clearly in the agreement. Unfortunately they didn’t reply to me every time and I preferred to keep my account safe than risking getting my account disabled, which just happened without any reason.

The past 2 years I’ve contacted Google for about two dozen times for different inquiries, not necessarily related to Adsense, but also to other services including Google News, because I was a publisher. Like you expected, they only replied to a part of my emails and sometimes it took one or two months to get a reply from them. What frustrates me more is that Google is a huge company and definitely affords more employees that can take care of their users and clients needs.

Lately I became very interested about how Google Support works and how do they deal with emails from us, the users and, allow me to say, partners. Because that’s what we are, us, the Adsense publishers. We are Google’s partners and Google is treating us in an outrageous manner. Not only it takes too long until they reply to emails, but sometimes they do not reply at all and when they do, most of the time we receive automated and very vague emails that do not tell us anything. I know Google can’t tell us exactly how they deal with issues and they discover Agreement infringements, but we deserve some respect and a bit more transparency from them.

A very odd stuff that proves Google is really ignorant and doesn’t care about its users happened to me the past week, after my account has been disabled. Instead of receiving an email informing me about the issue and my disabled account, I received one newsletter from them and another reminder email. And please note that my account was disabled, so why would they send me Adsense newsletters ?

You can clearly view in the screenshot below that I received two emails from Adsense on March 23rd and March 25th, while my account was disabled.

Adsense Newsletter

On March 28th I found a form to re-send me a policy notification and I filled it in order to find out why I was banned. A day later I received a response from them and they again proved their lack of professionalism. You can see the content of the email below:

Adsense Policy

Instead of letting me know what happened and send me a clear email, they told me what I already knew, that my account is disabled. And these are the only emails I’ve received from Adsense since my account was disabled.

Now let me prove you that this is not an isolated situation and there are probably thousands or even tens of thousands of people like me who are ignored by Google and their support team. It only takes you a two minute visit on the “Disabled Accounts” section of Google’s Adsense Support Forums to see there are a lot of unsatisfied people who do not get any explanation or any kind of response from the Google team. And no, this isn’t the only section on Google’s Forums where you can see that. Other examples include the Google News Forum, Google Adsense Payments Forum, and more.

I could continue with examples about Google’s ignorance and lack of competence all day, but I will resume to a few more examples: This guy got banned though Adsense didn’t even check his website, this one has been waiting for a reply for more than a month.


Please spread the word and maybe Google will begin treating us in a fair way and stop ignoring us.



  1. Adsense Publisher March 30, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    What you see on the Adsense help forum is a bit one sided. How many publishers are having no problems and aren’t being banned? If everybody that had no issues with Adsense were to post as much as those who have problems, I would suspect you’d never be able to read a bad thing about Google because the Good news would drown out the bad news.

    • It’s true, but it also proves how many problems Google has and they should care a bit more about their publishers and users.

  2. Hey Alex,

    You never know when you can trip up an Adsense flag:

    - Bad keywords (even from commenters)
    - Someone trying to mess with you via click fraud
    - Traffic sources like pop-unders, sending bot traffic

    I know this may not be news to you, but I’m hoping this helps your readers not to have this happen to them either. I wish you luck in finding out what caused your ban, and that it hopefully gets resolved.

    - Greg

  3. Damn, it has been horrible for years. They should indeed create a team of students or something that handle all these emails

    • Their incomes are huge and they don’t have enough people to deal with support emails. I really can’t understand this.

  4. Don’t worry Alex. There are still dozens of advertising providers on the Net. And let me share to you the real truth about Google.

  5. Don’t worry, don’t stress, they won’t care about your shit, they left me dry not too long ago for about 30k euro a month and there’s nothing you can do about it. Funny though main competitor who’s doing the exact same shit now has premium adsense, maybe they centralize so they have less maintenance costs.

    • I still hope I have chances to get my account back. It’s been their mistake not letting me know what’s the problem and maybe they will fix it.

  6. I’ve seen your posts on the forum and you did not proceed correctly.

    1. You should have researched and filed the resend form.
    2. Make your appeal after you knew what happened and could have fixed the issue or (in case of invalid clicks) could have provided some relevant info proving that you have done nothing wrong.

    Vald – Google doesn’t care about your competitor. Google wanted to make money from you, your competitor and anyone who’s legit.

    • Yes, I did a mistake, but the resend form didn’t tell me absolutely anything. Maybe you’ve seen on the forum what answer I got from them.

      • Well, the form doesn’t have to tell you anything. If you had read and UNDERSTOOD the policies you would have known what to do. And from what I see from your websites… a lot of the traffic is from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. This is not good for monetized websites.

        Here are my thoughs on this (a little late :) )
        1. Google pays for search traffic the most (google,ask,bing whatever)
        2. Social media traffic is crap because the conversion rate for the adwords publisher is low from this type of traffic.
        3. If you read the policies when you sign up (not the q and a crap) you will see that they are not fair in any way … but we learn to live with that.
        4. Most of the publishers on the disabled accounts forum have websites that shouldn’t participate in the program. Copied content, illegal videos etc.
        5. Yes you made a mistake. You can’t rush with AdSense.

        • More than 80% of my traffic comes from Google, so it’s not the case. Also my content is 100% unique, so it’s not just any crap website.

  7. Well, sometimes I feel that Google is a big “robot”. No people behind it, and if thereis an error comes in the system, you have absolutely no chance to report that them..

    This especially true for Adsense.

    For example in the adsense help forum, what I see is always the same 3-4 people trying (if they trying) to answer to the questions. No more employees, or what ??

    • There are 2-3 employees on the Adsense forum who only reply to a few questions once a week or so. So yes, they have a team mostly of robots.

  8. salutare
    si eu am aceeasi problema …
    pana la urma s-a rezolvat in vreun fel?

  9. era sa uit
    la mine problema a aparut undeva pe la sfarsitul lui martie …
    la fel e si la tine?

  10. This is the problem of monopoly!!! why Microsoft doesnt come up with similar program?!! they are number one software maker in this planet and then why adsense type program is so hard for them? Google earning all his revenue from this adsense.

    • They do have a similar program, but it can’t be compared with Adsense. And that’s because Adsense is too big.

  11. Yeah dont worry alex…it’s not a big deal! You don’t need adsense if you start involving yourself in direct advertising as it’s much more lucrative! :)

  12. This is because of google’s dominance in adsense. i have already faced the similar prob when ads on one of my blog was disabled without notifying me.

  13. Careful and proper implementation of Google Adsense must be consider, don’t worry about that Alex, don’t give up on what happened,

    • I’ve respected their terms carefully because I didn’t want this to happen, but it seems this didn’t matter for them.

  14. Any reply from them yet?

  15. salut din nou
    acum ca nu ai reusit sa le atragi atentia, ce faci?
    cum iti monetizezi blogu?
    ai adoptat vreo solutie ceva?

  16. does you get your adsense back now??
    maybe try focusing on CPA , Affiliate , fiver or website building. there is a lot you can try even if is smaller than adsense..
    just my 2cents

  17. Do you know what really creases me? Not that adsense is the way it is. They are never gonna change and are gonna treat medium sized publishers like dirt. But what really creases me is that there is no real competitor to adsense. What the hell is Bing doing? They know very well they are not going to beat google in the search field in the coming years. So instead of doing that, they could at least try to get into PPC and try to do better than adsense. That way. they will at least taste some kind of success. Instead it seems to be in Beta for years now and shows no signs of change.

    There is just too much power in adsense’s hands and that is just depressing. I wish some network will spank it and say ” people are fed up with you. Go to hell “. I really wish that. They could at least offer some support to medium sized publishers [ relative to the big media companies ] and not treat them like dirt. How much is that really gonna cost? At least show some respect to a publisher who will never even dream of doing fraud and invalid clicks. Respect the publishers who has been in the program for years and shows slow but a very steady progress.

    Adsense support is the dumbest thing ever.

    • Yes, Adsense support sucks and it’s quite hard for a small or medium publisher to find good advertising deals. Once you get bigger, then there’s Adsense Premium with very good support and many ad networks that offer you a personal manager with great support and very good payment rates.

  18. Can you tell us how you got your account back? What steps you took, did they replied to your appeals or? I think you should write a post about it.

  19. It happened to me, too. I try to figure how this works. Somebody, a human, at Google sees your website and notices: something is wrong with AdSense. He goes into some management system, enters your publisher ID and presses a button that says: “disable account”. The systems sends you an automated email saying: “Your account is disabled. Thank you for your understanding”.

    Why, in their accumulated wisdom, has Google decided not to have one tiny little extra box in that management system where the Google-human types in a few words? So the message to you would be like: “Your account is disabled _because you displayed porn_. Thank you for your understanding.” One box, 5 seconds extra work per disabled account, why? Why????

    • I believe they do not want you to be sure what caused the account to be closed, otherwise you might be able to somehow trick them.

      • That would be senseless. We are advertiser as well and we spend huge amounts on display and email advertising. We are constantly giving feedback to our publishers in order to achieve volume, good pricing and good conversion. If a publisher could improve with our feedback, it’s a benefit for all. I think Google is fed up with amateuristic and fraudulous publishers but that’s their problem. We have cases of fraud and amateurism as well but even then we tell the publisher why we exclude them. Like I sayed, it’s less than a minute work to make a small statement. Overall, it’s no way to treat business partners, how big the difference is in company size and whatever.

  20. wow, you got your adsense back? it’s a fuckin miracle! all pinoy bloggers i know who got banned never got their accounts back. hot damn, you really are a smart survivor.

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