SEO is better than ever

It’s well known that Google began a huge fight against spammers and low quality websites. A lot have been penalized or even banned. Everyone complains and everyone believes he’s been penalized for no reason. While I believe it’s true and some websites have really been wrongly penalized, we can’t expect a computer algorithm to be flawless. But the percent of mistakes it did is small and most of them deserved it.

Most of us have faced penalties and I know that I lost some really valuable websites, but I realized that they weren’t really any better than the competition. And this is what Google wants. Quality.

Google wants you to be a problem solver. People search Google to find something they need and they must find high quality answers on an easy to use website. They also want to find it fast. So if you want to please both Google and your visitors, you must provide true value and quality.

Google started to offer advices to people in order to recover from Panda and Penguin penalties. But these advices aren’t something you didn’t do already. It’s just that most didn’t care about them and didn’t care about the visitor. What SEO turned to is what it should have been since the beginning. Google wants to start acting very much as a common user and if you don’t satisfy it, it won’t satisfy you back.

This year SEO turned into an UX and content fight. It’s not about backlinks anymore. Backlinks still work, but you need to get them naturally, from trusted sources and stop spamming. So you now have to earn and deserve your backlinks. So instead of wasting time and money buying them or using spammy techniques, work on your website and make sure the users love it. This way you will begin getting high quality and safe backlinks.

So what I’m saying is that SEO is dead and you should act like it. Stop focusing on Google’s bot anymore and focus entirely on the user. Offer high quality content, offer unique content, that can’t be found anywhere else, make it easier for the user to discover it and read it. Stop using a ton of ads and stop filling the content with them. Focus on long term development and do your best to please the user and he will return. This way you are doing both SEO and getting organic traffic, along with returning visitors.

Your prob latest celebrity news ably don’t realize yet, but we now have a huge advantage. We don’t have to focus on two things. Until now we had to write content that’s good both for Google and for the visitor. Everyone was trying to achieve the ideal keyword density, good enough for Google, but not very disturbing for the visitor. But now it’s gone. Keyword density doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about the user.

P.S. I have been planning for a long time to write this post. But I needed time to actually try what I’m saying. So I began starting new websites as of March, so they are new and clean. I stopped focusing on SEO. No optimized titles, no link exchange requests of any kind. I did write some guest posts on a few high-quality blogs, but that’s it. I focused on content, design and UX. I wrote content that couldn’t be found anywhere else, I created unique videos that went viral and generated tons of high-quality backlinks.

I believe you’re wondering how did the test go. Here’s one of the websites I began back in March. It’s 90% organic traffic, with 7% returning visitors in just 9 months !

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  1. But what if the site you’re trying to promote is on the adult niche? Or what if the site is offering some services that simply can not attract links?

    I know it’s a basic question, but SEO for this kind of sites is getting tougher day by day.

  2. spoken like a true war veteran. only websites with unique and good quality can expect business from adsense now. Many of us who used to rambo-style content/backlink spamming got killed. I witnessed a lot of philippine bloggers die – google banned their adsense accounts…

    i’m trying to survive too. i’m writing more for the user and not for the bots :-)

  3. agree with it! i am doing a little seo techniques on my new blog and seen a little improvement in search engine ranking. seo is still the best,

  4. Wow! CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve explained so much in a very simple way.

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