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Think Usability

Lately I have been extremely busy improving my websites, because some of them were hit by Panda and I felt like they all lacked a proper usability. This is not an excuse to not post on this blog anymore, but fortunately I have a lot of great posts to write from my recent experiences. I keep visiting a lot of websites that provide very good content, but fail badly on the usability side which can be improved with some work. And I felt that my websites can be seriously improved […]

What to do With a Killer Post: 7 Ways to Go Viral

Unfortunately writing a killer post doesn’t guarantee it will go viral, so you need to work after that, especially if you don’t have a large readership and many followers on your social media profiles. Though it can be done with at least a few hundred people who follow you and read your blog. You should first read my post 6 Sure-Fire Tricks That Will Make Your Posts Go Viral, where you can learn how to write the post. Afterwards read this post and learn how to promote it. After you made […]

5 Things I Learned in 2010

Last year has been the best one for me and I’ve learned a lot of things I want to share with you. I think I’ve become more mature professionally and I’m very happy about it. So here’s what I’ve learnt last year: 1. Stick to what brings value Until now I was working on what I liked the most and I didn’t have a plan. Also I started testing and analyzing everything and stopped losing time with things that didn’t bring much value. This has helped me a lot and […]

Track Everything

An online business is not about traffic numbers, but conversions and revenues, so don’t focus on getting as much traffic as you can, instead rely on quality. There are an infinite traffic sources and some of them are very cheap, while others are very expensive. You must think there must be a reason the prices differ so much and CPM for websites in the same niche can be very different. Traffic quality is very important and you only need to focus on the traffic that converts, even if by conversion […]

8 Killer Ways To Crush It On Facebook For Free

Facebook has become the second most visited website and the number one traffic source for some blogs, so you need to pay attention to it, because you’re leaving a lot of cash on the table otherwise. Facebook has a lot of advantages over the other social networks and social media websites, being much bigger than all of them and you also don’t need a very strong profile to succeed. Though having a powerful profile will help you, so I will give you a few tips about making one. I have […]

How I Got From 0 To 1,000 Visits per Day in One Month

I know 1,000 visits per day is not very much, though this blog is only a passion of mine and I write here because I like it, so I’m very happy it grew this fast. Unfortunately I can’t spend more than 2 or maximum 3 hours daily for this blog, so I try to  be very productive with it and the results are really great. I have used some of the marketing techniques I’ve learned during my career in internet marketing and I’m quite happy I managed to create a nice community […]

4 Advantages of Using Your Own Name in The Domain

Using your own name as the blog domain can prove to be very useful, especially for personal branding, because people will know who wrote the posts they’re reading and who’s behind the blog and this might help you a lot. Personal branding is very important, because it can get you better jobs and relationships. Also having a good personal branding will contribute to the way people look at you. It’s More Personal People love the feeling that they’re interacting with a real person and they will feel better when reading […]

3 Easy Ways To Get Backlinks and Exposure Fast

Backlinks and exposure are two important factors for every blogger and everyone wants them, though some struggle hard and don’t manage to do it. I won’t come with any mind-blowing ideas or blackhat techniques, but only 3 ideas that could bring you some backlinks, exposure and traffic for the beginning. While you shouldn’t blog for the robots, you definitely need to care about SEO and do your best to get better ranks on search engines. The search engine traffic is usually the best, because it converts very well and is […]

6 Sure-Fire Tricks That Will Make Your Posts Go Viral

You’ve probably seen viral posts of videos and though about how you could it yourself. That’s where I were a while ago too, so I started doing some research and tests, after I found the “secret  formula.” If your posts go viral, then your traffic will spike and you will get a lot of exposure, but there are a lot of things you need to think of before writing such a post. I have been doing this for a few years and I have accumulated a lot of experience I […]

Top 5 Best and Easiest Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Having traffic is every blogger’s dream and a lot of them are getting stuck on this part, because they simply don’t know what to do. Unfortunately, a lot of them are spamming everywhere they can and they finally quit, because spam is no good way of getting traffic. I’ve tested virtually every possible method of getting traffic, except a few really bad ones, like automated forum or blog comment spamming, because I don’t want to get involved in those kind of activities. I won’t tell you what worked best for […]