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The Harsh Truth Behind Google’s Support Team and Their Ignorance

A week ago, on March 22nd more exactly I’ve had my Adsense account disabled without any notice. I didn’t receive any email from them and of course I tried to contact them without any luck. In the past week I spent a lot of time discussing with friends, with people on forums and with everyone I thought that could help me and I understood that it’s very hard to have a decent talk with an Adsense employee. There are people who have been waiting for a reply for more than […]

Google’s new design

It seems like Google has changed its design again and I’m not sure if it’s available for everyone or they are just testing. Until now I didn’t see any article about this and it seems nobody has noticed. If you can’t see the new design just yet, then take a look at the screenshot below. Changes aren’t big and it looks really good, in my opinion. Please let me know what do you think about it P.S. For those who didn’t notice what’s changed, it’s the menu above. Now you […]

Cortex, The Best Sharing Extension for Google Chrome

I believe you are all using Twitter and Facebook and share everything you find interesting, so I wanted to recommend you an excellent plugin that does its job fast and easy. Cortex is a plugin for Google Chrome and it can be installed with just 1 click. To use it, you just have to click and hold for a second and you’ll se a little popup with sharing options for Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper and Tumblr. If you just head to one option and release the button, then it will share […]

Google Testing Website Previews in Search Results

Lately Google has been doing test after test and they’ve just come with a big change today, showing website previews in the search results. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try it out, because it doesn’t appear to me, whatever I tried doing. It seems like there is a preview button and I hope that the previews are not triggered by a simple mouse-over, because it would be very disturbing. I think this feature might help users to see if what they are searching for is there or not, and […]

Google Instant Increased My Traffic And Earnings by 100%

I’ve been sharing my first impressions about Google Instant with you a few days ago and now I’ve had enough time to track the changes and see what changed. Fortunately, I’ve noticed that the traffic on a lot of my long-tail keywords increased dramatically on one of my blogs and my earnings went up by 100%, which is more than great. Google Instant does not only suggest you long-tail keywords, but also show you the results for the specific long-tail keywords, which means you will get more SERP impressions. I […]

Good Skills Always Bring Results

Right after Google released their new feature, the Google Instant, a student, Feross Aboukhadijeh,  made “Youtube Instant“, a tool that predicts what were you going to type and shows you the most relevant video for that keyword. His tool became popular immediately, being featured on a lot of big blogs and Twitter and has also been noticed by Chad Hurley, the YouTube CEO, who offered Feross a job. We don’t know if Feross accepted the job, because he’s already a student and Chad Hurley asked him to quit school, but I […]

My First Impressions About Google Instant

Google has officially release Google Instant a few days ago and I have been testing it a lot since then. Like always, people are split into two camps, the ones who love it and the ones who hate it. Currently, they haven’t been able to research it in depth, though they are confident it will be either good or bad, depending what camp are they in. My first impression is that it’s really useful and it might help both the users and webmasters, while hopefully it will bury spammers. Usually […]

Google Buzz, the tool that simply doesn’t work

Google has released Buzz recently and, like everything that gets out of Google’s labs, it got a lot of, exactly, buzz. In my opinion they’ve screwed it big time with it, being a service that has absolutely no usability and it seems like it got a lot of people mad by integrating it with Gmail. Google Buzz has almost to no features, except you can “like” and comment to the links shared by the ones you follow, but it’s hard to track and also really cluttered. Of course it can’t […]

Google Labs launches Image Swirl

Google launched Image Search back in 2001 and since then it has been much easier for people to find all images that interest them. Now, Google has just launched the all-new Image Swirl, which is practically a Wonder Wheel for images. Thanks to the new feature, you can search an image that interests you and see 12 thumbs related to your search so you can find exactly what interests you much easier. Currently, Image Swirl only works for around 200,000 queries, but many more will be soon included. Fortunately, an […]

Google Caffeine to go live soon

Google has first unveiled Caffeine, the search engine’s new version, back in August, and now they are preparing to release it. Until now it has been available to test at a special page that it’s no longer available, as Google will start using the improved algorithms widely, starting with one datacenter. Caffeine doesn’t bring huge changes to the algorithm, though it will index pages faster and treat spam more severely. Unfortunately, the exact release date wasn’t disclosed and neither the datacenter it will go live on, though it shouldn’t be […]