Upgrade PHP 5 to PHP7 on Debian/Ubuntu

PHP7 is a lot faster than PHP 5.* and it’s been released for a while now, so it’s a good idea upgrading if you know you won’t have many problems with your scripts. The upgrade process isn’t very hard and I’m going to write it while upgrading my servers. The problems I’ve faced are some […]

Install GlusterFS 3.7 on Debian 8

I have been looking for a distributed filesystem for a while and I’ve found them all pretty confusing, including GlusterFS. but finally I decided to use it and I want to create some easy to understand tutorials for those who’re looking for a setup similar to mine. First I will help you install it on […]

Setup LVM on Hetzner and use all drives

I have been using Hetzner for a while and the Rescue System can be confusing, so I’m going to help you setup LVM to use all drives if you’ve got a multi-drive server. First I’m going to configure the installimage and disable software RAID, because I don’t need it. Then I will configure the partitions […]